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Yellow Stripe Trevally

(Selaroides leptolepis)

Vietnamese Name: Cá Chỉ Vàng

Distribution area: from the Gulf of Tonkin, areas of Central, Southeast and Southwest.

Yellow Stripe Trevally or Japanese name Hosohira-Aji is a very popular fish in Vietnam, especially Trevally yellow stripe is a specialty dish in many Cuc, Phu Quoc, Nha Trang provinces, etc. This type of seafood is very sweet, salty and expensive, every year Vietnam exports a large amount of frozen and dried Trevally yellow stripes to Japan, Korea, EU and the US. In 2007, Russia was the largest customer who imported 524 tons of Vietnamese gold stripes Trevally, which proves the high value of this seafood.

The season of Trevally yellow stripes is year round. Trevally yellow stripes are trawl, seine net, lift net.

Yellow Stripe Trevally is an important food fish and is often used in South and South Asian cuisine. Yellow Stripe Trevally has been exported and supplied to the main market of South Africa, Asia, Middle East, Europe and other countries. Yellow Stripe Trevally is frozen fresh, fillet, fish meal, dried, canned and other processed forms, fish sauce.


Size: 15/20, 20/25pcs/kg

Origin: Vietnam

Freezing: IQF 10kgs

Packing: 10kgs/ PE.bag /Carton or according to customer’s requirement.

Quantity: 1x40FCL 2,800Carton



Fresh Yellow stripe trevally fish isolated on white background.