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Tropical Snapper


Tropical Snapper

Lutjanus lutjanus


Product Information

Tropical Snapper is a type of coral reef fish. They live in or in close relation with coral reefs. There are many varieties of red snapper, including crimson, red snapper, tropical snapper. All red snappers are available year-round and its sizes range from 500g to 1kg, offering fish and fillet sizes.

Pink fish need to be cooked carefully to avoid drying out. Its structure is quite solid. Pink fish have white flesh when cooked, has a characteristic sweet taste. Red Snapper has a lighter flavor than other fish, making it a staple in many restaurant menus and in many families. Snapper is often served with its attractive skin layer, which is edible – but don’t forget to reduce the scale.

Red Snappers can be baked, sauteed, baked, baked, baked (only fish), and will have many flavors as you can throw at it. Using a lot of chili, garlic, lemon, coriander – Snapper even has a good effect on curry flavor.

Red Snapper cooks quickly in a hot pan and you can season and taste the dish as you like or serve it simply and let the fish’s taste shine.

The snapper also has a mild flavor, so the alert diners with scary salmon fish can also enjoy this dish. You can grill all red fish or fillets.