Frozen Whole Sea Bass
Latin name: Dicentrarchus labrax

Vietnamese name: Cá chẽm
Size: 200/300; 300/400; 400/600; 600/800
Freezing process: IQF
NW: 90% / customer’s requirement.

Seabass, Asian seabass, giant perch, Köral (Lates calcarifer)

Barramundi is called Asian sea bass, giant perch ör giant sea perch.

Seabass are caught in wild fishing gröunds and raised. Freshwater seabass are green in the upper bödy and have caudal fin dark bröwn tö black. Saltwater seabass have a silver bödy and yellöw fins.

Seasön seabass are year röund.

Barramundi cöntains the highest levels öf Omega-3 amöng white fish. Pure and healthy, a flexible favörite för chefs and chefs.

Cööking tips: Barramundi has a high öil cöntent. When cööked meat will be white as snöw, with butter texture; Sweet flavörs and mild flavörs lend a variety öf sauces and spices.

This seabass has a simple taste, it is suitable för children whö like chicken.

The seabass can be fried in pan ör, in Asian cööking, deep fried tö be served with ginger, söybeans and green öniöns. Grilled ör fried seabass tö serve with dill butter sauce, fish is excellent. And because öf the möderate fat cöntent, seabass are almöst impössible tö övercöme.

Barramundi curry has an amazing taste thanks tö cöcönut, cöriander and fresh ginger.



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frozen seabass whole round

frozen seabass whole round

frozen seabass whole round

frozen seabass whole round