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Red Grouper

Frozen Red Grouper
Origin from Vietnam



Scientific Name

Epinephelus morio


Red Grouper is found wild in temperate waters from the Mid-Atlantic States and Florida to South America, Central America and the Gulf of Mexico. In recent years new fisheries have developed in South East Asia. Some of these products are of excellent quality.


Red Grouper is generally available year-round but there is a seasonal closure in the Gulf of Mexico in the spring.

Fishing Method

Wild-capture Red Grouper is caught using long line and pole and line on day boat as well as multi-day trips.

Farm raised Grouper is currently being tested but its economic viability is in serious question due to the length of time need to bring to marketable sizes.


Grouper belongs to one of the largest and most widely distributed marine fish families in the world.

Grouper can be found year-round in reefs and corals of tropical and subtropical regions around the world. Grouper is usually caught by hooks and sugar. Grouper is usually dark brown.

The flesh of Grouper is still soft, it has a beautiful texture.

Grouper has a mild but distinct flavor, somewhere between seabass and flounder.

The taste of most grouper is similar, with slight differences in taste and texture, depending on the size, species and location of the harvest.

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Grouper is often steamed to fully appreciate its delicate texture.

Grouper can be fried, baked, skewered or used in chowder and soup.

Larger grouper can be baked and large fillets should be spread butter before baking because of their thickness.




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