Frozen Snakehead Fish Slices
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Frozen Snakehead Fish Slices(Channa striata)Vietnamese Name: Cá Lóc cắt látBest price Frozen Snakehead fish slicesOrigin VietnamFreezing process: IQFPacking: 300g x 30bags per cartonSTPP EU or according to customer requirementContact:  

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FROZEN BLACKTIGER SHRIMP HOSO 16/20 (Penaeus monodon) Vietnamese Name: Tôm Sú Size: 16/20 NW: 90% or according to customer’s requirement Freezing process: IQF, Semi Block Packing: 1kg x 10 boxes … Read More

Frozen Shrimp Prawn Lobster
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Frozen Shrimp – Prawn – Lobster Pinetree Vietnam offers many kinds of shrimps such as:  Black Tiger shrimp , Vannamei shrimp, Lobster… Size: Lobster: 200/300; 300/500; 500/700; 700 up Black … Read More

Mackerel Scad Fish From Vietnam

Mackerel Scad Fish in Vietnam High quality Indian Mackerel ( Rastrelliger kanagurta) products from highly regarded Indian Mackerel ( Rastrelliger kanagurta) exporters / suppliers. ROUND SCAD, LAYANG SCAD, INDIAN MACKEREL, … Read More

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